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If you have ever imagined yourself in your own custom home… a home that uniquely fits your family and lifestyle, Built Green Custom Homes can make that new Home dream come true.

We provide a network of contractors and suppliers that makes it possible for you as an “project manager” to manage the construction of your own custom home!

Dream it - Design it - Build it

Built Green Custom Homes is an A+ accredited company according to the Better Business Bureau. Our consultants hold certification titles ranging from Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPs), Graduate Master Builder Certification and the Certified Green Professional Certification. Our experience and formal training exceeds most builders credentials in Texas.

For a complete description of all of our certifications and what they can bring to your custom home project, click the link below to our Builder of Record Website.

We are a custom home builder servicing Magnolia, TX, High Meadow Estates, Conroe, Texas Grand Ranch, Republic Grand Ranch, Willis, and surrounding Texas areas. 


What We Do

Built Green Custom Homes is a custom home builder that offers an owner participation program. What makes us different?

  • We are there to assist you from lot selection to the design to the materials to the cost, Built Green Custom Homes evaluates the needs and wants of the customers and advises them on the choices that make the most sense. The client, however, makes the final decision.
  • Our program allows you to have control of your project with assistance from our expert team of consultants, home designers and superintendents. Built Green Custom Home ’s flexible program allows you control over every aspect of your project, from the lot evaluation, to the closing on your permanent loan upon completion.
  • Clients are welcome to choose from a list of third party qualified vendors and subcontractors, or use someone else they know. Vendors (material suppliers)and subcontractors workers)on our list do not pay to be there: they are only required to provide good prices and service to our clients.
  • Free, highly educational building classes are offered on a frequent basis. We also host a walk through building class, so you can see one of our client’s homes while it’s being built. The homes chosen for the Home Tours are in different building phases, so each Home Tour is a new experience. Anyone is allowed to attend; we just ask that you register beforehand. Sign up for our e-mail newsletter for updates on our classes and tours.
  • Our 1000 line budget ensures that you will know almost exactly what your home will cost before you build it. Our custom, individual bidding process ensures that your budget will be spot-on.

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Fox News Alert! Recently Fox featured several “Owner Builder” projects that “Built Green Custom Homes” was helping their clients complete. The homes featured on the broadcast ranged in cost from $250,000 to $1.1 million (Pricing from 2011).


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