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Secure Your Owner Builder Construction Loan with the help of Built Green Custom Homes

Ready to build your dream home in Texas? Our comprehensive guide to owner builder construction financing empowers you to take charge of your project, save money, and build instant equity. BGCH offers expert guidance, personalized support, and access to lenders that offer construction financing to owner builders in Texas. Learn how to confidently navigate the owner builder loan process and turn your vision into reality.

The Owner Builder Construction Loan Process with BGCH

1. Locate Your Perfect Property: We can help you find the ideal building site. We're happy to share our extensive knowledge and experience. We can also provide a list of lenders that offer land loans to homeowners in Texas.

2. Choose a Construction Lender: Because of our reputation, we have relationships with lenders that allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of building your own home while utilizing BGCH consulting services.

3. Get Pre-Approved: Secure pre-approval to understand your budget and design a home you can comfortably afford.

4. Develop Your Custom Home Plans: We'll collaborate to create custom home plans, detailed specifications, and a finalized budget for your lender submission. These items will be required for you to secure your owner builder construction loan.

5. Secure Your Construction Loan: You should be able to close on your construction loan within 60 days of your lender receiving everything they require.

6. Build with Confidence: During construction, your lender should have processes in place that make draw requests, inspections, and funding seamless. Allowing you to keep your project moving and pay contractors and vendors on time.

7. Shop for Your Permanent Mortgage: As completion nears, leverage competition and shop for your long-term mortgage for your new custom home.

8. Close and Move In: Celebrate the completion of your beautiful custom home with the equity you likely earned by building you own home.

Why Choose Built Green Custom Homes

  • Local Expertise: We have extensive experience in Texas real estate and construction markets.
  • Lender Network: Our strong relationships with specialized lenders provide access to competitive rates and flexible terms for owner builders.
  • Personalized Guidance: We offer free initial consultations with our Building Consultants and support you throughout the entire process.
  • Cost Savings: Take advantage of owner builder incentives and gain instant equity.
  • Transparency: We believe in establishing expectations and clear communication.

Owner Builder Loan Features

  • Flexible Terms: 12-month construction loans with the opportunity to extend if necessary.
  • Interest: Simple interest; interest only payments during construction.
  • Be Your Own Builder: Utilize BGCH Consulting Services.
  • Construction Draws: Access funds as needed to pay vendors and contractors.
  • Permanent Financing: Refinance with your preferred lender upon completion.
  • Customizable Options: Tailor your loan to fit your unique project needs and financial situation.

Is an Owner Builder Construction Loan Right for You?


  • Cost savings potential
  • Greater control over your project and budget
  • Potential for instant equity
  • Customize your home to your exact specifications


  • Requires more hands-on involvement and management
  • May have stricter qualification requirements
  • Requires detailed planning and organization

FAQs: Owner Builder Construction Loans in Texas

What is the typical interest rate for an owner builder loan?

Interest rates vary depending on your financial profile, the lender, and market conditions. Contact us for a list of lenders that offer BGCH owner builders construction financing.

How much down payment do I need for an owner builder loan?

Down payment requirements can vary, but typically range from 10% - 20% of the total project cost.

Does every lender offer owner builder construction financing?

Very few lenders offer owner builder construction financing in Texas. Fortunately, BGCH has relationships with lenders that offer owner builder construction financing to BGCH owner builders.

Can I still get an owner builder loan if I have already started construction?

Not ideal but yes, some lenders offer loans for projects that are already underway.

Do I need a construction background to qualify for an owner builder loan?

Although helpful, construction experience is not required if you’re working with BGCH. We provide you with the tools and resources necessary for you to manage your own project and be your own builder.

What happens after the construction phase is complete?

You'll typically refinance your construction loan into a permanent mortgage with more favorable long-term rates.

Are You Ready to Build Your Dream Home?

Schedule your free initial consultation today and let Built Green Custom Homes help you turn your vision into reality!

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