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Builder's Priority: Your source for great loans, great rates, professional advice and loans that close. . . .

Builder's Priority works with all our owner builders to ensure they get the financing they need to build, with great rates and great loans. Their services are available to you for mortgages anywhere in Texas. For construction loans, their services are (generally):

  • Up to 90% of total cost and 85% of appraised value* financing on residential construction loans.
    * total cost is cost of land and construction
    * if 85% of appraised value is lower than 90% of cost, then 85% of value is used
    * location of property and borrower can affect 90% & 85% amounts

    Generally credit score of 680* is required.

    For loans over $550,000 the loan to appraised value needs to be 80%* or lower.
    Some exceptions apply but are not the norm.

*Pricing, qualifications, and details are subject to change

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