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The Money You Save as Owner Builder

Built Green Custom Homes was founded to connect people with the tools to build their own energy efficient home and save money while they do it. Before Built Green and Owner Built Custom Homes were around, owner builder wannabes would settle for one of the local custom home builders in Houston or Magnolia and ending spending more than they should on overhead during the building process.

Save on Overhead

The money you save using Built Green Custom Homes’ programs and resources isn’t like finding a clearance run on tile for your master bathroom or finding the same chandelier you wanted online for a fraction of the cost. While you can still do those things when you are building on your lot, the money you save with the owner builder program here is the overhead of the construction costs. It’s the money you pay the guy at the custom builder’s office to sit in his air conditioned office and tell other people to do things. It’s the margin of error a contractor adds to the bill in case materials go up or it takes 3 days longer than it should. You save that money by building for yourself.

The savings are realized when you hire your first appraisal of the home’s value, usually at construction completion. Here is where you can see the $200,000 spent on building your perfect home for your family actually turned into an investment, already worth $250,000 - $300,000 on the real estate market. It is an amazing feeling to have that kind of equity in your home as soon as it is built.

Save on Materials

You get to pick out what you want in your new home, so why not shop around? Ordering in bulk and ordering online are great ways to save, especially when you are designing the décor for an entire custom home. You can match any budget with a little comparison shopping to get what you really want.

Save on Sub-contractors

As a client of Built green Custom Homes, you gain access to our extensive database of local vendors and contractors, as well as rating, reviews, and personal experiences with each one. Our contractors list stands up to intense scrutiny, and businesses must apply to get on the list and are evaluated after each job to make sure they make the cut. Contractors cannot pay to get hire on the list or to be recommended to our clients. The database is comprised of real user feedback on the companies, including price/value, service, quality, and many other factors. Knowing you are going to get the best price for quality work saves you money, as well as the job being done right the first time. Streamlining the contractors who are working on your property can save thousands, as well as make sure your end result (your beautiful custom home on your own lot) is what you are expecting as well.

Whether your tastes are simple or extravagant, there is always money to be spent and saved. If you want to be involved in your custom home project, you may as well get paid for it! Cutting out the overhead in custom home building is like paying yourself to build your own home! What could be better than that?


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