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Built Green Custom Homes knows the home building process can be daunting. That's why we arm our customers with knowledge from the beginning with our expert home building classes and free information seminars. Have more questions? While our classes are focused around the day to day decisions in building your own home, the articles provided here may help to answer more general questions about the home building process, from how to build on your own lot to final touches in construction. Remember, our architects and home building experts are available any time to answer specific questions about your home building experience, don't forget to give us a call!

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  • The money you save as owner builder

    The Money You Save as Owner Builder. Built Green Custom Homes was founded to connect people with the tools to build their own energy efficient home and save money while they do it. Before Built Green and Owner Built Custom Homes were around, owner builder wannabes would settle for one of the local custom home builders in Houston or Magnolia and ending spending more than they should on overhead dur find out more...

  • How to get started building your custom home for less: Part 1

    How to get started building your custom home for less: Part 1. Most people dream of building on your own lot and owning a custom home that has all the amenities that fit their lifestyle. Sometimes that dream seems unattainable because of all the costs that can be associated with it. Built Green Custom Homes helps make that dream a reality by eliminating or reducing the costs associated with managi find out more...

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