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Building a home is a huge investment. Working with people you can trust is so important. It’s important for the quality of workmanship, it’s important for value and it’s important for your peace of mind. Built Green Custom Homes believes that we can show how much we care about your investment by having the best credentials available. We want your home to exceed your expectations and arming ourselves with as much knowledge as possible will help us achieve that goal. Our credentials also mean that you don’t just have to take our word for how much experience and practice we have in the home-building field, you will be able to see the time and effort we put in to making sure we can be the greatest asset to you as an owner builder.

Graduate Master Builders (GMB)

The Graduate Master Builder distinction is for those that have been in the industry for at least 10 years. In addition to field experience, builders must complete in-depth, master-level coursework. This distinction displays not only long-lasting experience in home-building but also a desire to keep growing and become more knowledgeable in the field.

Certified Green Professionals (CGP)

Built Green Custom Homes is proud to carry the Certified Green Professionals designation. BGCH is all about building your custom home in a way that is environmentally friendly and saves you money on building costs in the short term and energy costs in the long term. This designation certifies that we are knowledgeable not only in building green homes, but doing it without driving up the cost of construction.

Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists (CAPS)

The term Aging-In-Place is a relatively new one, but the concept is not. Aging-in-place refers to one’s ability to age in one’s home comfortably and safely. This can be a concern for older homeowners when doing things independently is no longer as easy. The concept of aging-in-place is to build (or remodel) homes in a way that gives thought to, and plans for, what one would need to effectively live  as independently as possible, for as long as possible. This designation allows us to be a helpful resource for those looking to build a home that will last them well into their later years.

Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

BGCH is especially proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating. This means that our owner builders have been happy with the service we provide for over 10 years now. Customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance and that is why this distinction means so much to us.

Together our team of 18 engineers has over 150 years of construction experience and more certifications than any of our competitors. We can’t wait to share our knowledge with you!

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