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What can home shows offer you as you build your custom home?

Part 2

In What can home shows offer you as you build your custom home? (Part 1), we discussed how attending a home show can benefit you as a custom home builder. This time, we will examine how some specific topics covered by venders at a home show can benefit you as you build your custom home.

Going Green

Many people are talking about how "going green" is the only way to save our planet. It is true that humanity's impact on the environment is important, going green can also have a profound impact on your wallet. Building a more energy efficient home can decrease your energy bills and increase your overall savings when building a custom home. Experts at a home show can discuss energy-saving options with you prior to commencing construction on your custom home, and even offer to help install energy-saving items in your new home.

Keeping Cool, or Hot

For example, heating and cooling a home can be extremely costly. As such, insulation is one of the most important components in any new structure, and any new home builder should give careful thought to what kind of insulation is best for their home. Different types of insulation have varying impacts based its composition and manufacturing. The quality of the installation of your insulation can also have a dramatic effect on your new home's energy-efficiency. At a home show, many venders will make themselves available to you as you make your decisions. The type of insulation and the quality of the installation can mean the difference between an energy efficient home and one that is not.

Solar Energy

Renewable energy sources, such as the sun, often appeal more to people as they are more environmentally friendly. Although no energy source is 100% pollution free, renewable energy offers you the same energy that you require without the dramatic effect on the environment. When most people hear the phrase "solar power," images of large, and often unsightly, panels placed on the roofs of their new custom homes. The words generators, batteries, and maintenance are quick to follow. Yet solar energy can be harnessed without the need for the expensive and unattractive panels atop your new custom home. Solar energy can be harnessed by simply building your new home with a climate-responsive design. For example, build your new home so as to utilize passive solar lighting during the day, rather than building rooms that require additional light sources.

If you desire to go all the way, and completely convert to solar power, venders at a home show can help you design your new custom home so that you receive the greatest advantages of this energy source. They can also answer questions about installation, maintenance, and insurance in case of damages. Built Green Custom Homes can make this process easier for you as they specialize in energy efficiency.

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