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What building classes can teach you as an owner builder

Although it is easier to allow the professionals to simply provide you with the information and expertise, it is also very beneficial to learn about something before you make any life-changing decision. In today's society, when we lack knowledge about a topic we turn to Google or Wikipedia. These can be good resources, at least for a cursory reading on a topic, but for more reliable source of information, home builders should consider attending a building class.

What is a building class?

A building class is not shop class like back in high school. A building class, often attended by realtors and contractors, provides a wealth of information about selecting a custom home builder, the building process, and how to ensure that your home is energy efficient and cost effective. These informative seminars are also designed for people who want to build a home on land they already own. These classes are not designed based on how to use a hammer, but rather they provide future home builders with information they need to make the best informed decisions regarding their new custom built home.

Who teaches a building class?

As they say in the newspaper business, consider the source. This applies to information in home building as well. There are many home building seminars and classes that occur all across the country, but also consider who is hosting the seminar. Although a seminar may be free to the public, someone is paying the bill. A seminar put on by a particular builder may be designed to influence your decision. Learn more about the company putting on the event before signing up. For example, the building seminars hosted by Built Green Custom Homes are taught by Master Builders, Certified Green Professionals, Certified Aging in Place Specialists, and Graduate Master Builders (the teachers of Master Builders). With those accreditations and certifications, you know you will get a wealth of information by taking the class versus taking a class through another company.

What can I learn from a building class?

A building class can teach a new home builder things like what items to avoid during construction. They can also provide you with a list of suppliers and vendors who are able to meet your construction needs. One of the most important aspects of building a new home is insuring your investment. A building class can outline the process of obtaining the right kind of insurance from the most trustworthy carrier.

Another great aspect of building classes is the fact that you will be brushing elbows with home builders and contractors. Those home builders who are pursuing certain National Association of Home Builders certifications will also be attending these seminars, which provides you with an opportunity to get to know them. In a previous article, we discussed the benefits of using a Certified Green Professional (CGP) as your building contractor. Attending a seminar will help you decide which CGP to use, and what questions you need to ask before and during building of your new home. For example, Built Green Custom Homes offers their services as your custom home building consultant during all the phases of the home building process, allowing you to be the general contractor and project manager.


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