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Learning How to Build Your Own Home

There are so many intricate details of building a home, from foundations to roofing, with choices to make in each step. How does someone with no building experience build their own home?

While you may not know how to hammer a nail or install a light switch, you may possess more skill than you think. Ever had to hire someone at work? Ever had to compare vendors and choose one to work for you? Whether it was cleaning your gutters or cleaning your teeth, you make decisions on quality workmanship in your daily life. This skill transfers over to being an owner builder and managing your home building job site.

Do you take care of the family finances or budget? Do you balance your checkbook or reconcile your bank account? You will have a line item budget for your custom built home you will need to adhere to, including skimping on one part so you can indulge on another line item – just like you do with your family budget.

While you may not be good in the “boss” role at work, you may be great at the “boss” role at home. Learn how to tap the strengths you have to be an owner builder, it’s easier than you think! Built Green Custom Homes is with you ever step of the way, with our proven system where just about anyone can become an owner builder for their own custom home!

Get help from the Masters

One of the greatest resources Built Green Custom Homes can offer is knowledge. We have been in this business for a long time, and have learned a lot. We have over 100 years of experience sitting in our offices every day – ask us anything! We are with you during the entire home building process, start to finish.

Go to the Building Classes

Get taught by the masters! We are graduate master builders, and we actually teach the master builder program through Greater Houston Building Association (GHBA) to certify master builders. We offer free home building classes to anyone interested and run them seasonally. There are nine classes in all, touching on topics of home building interest such as what to know about foundations, energy efficiency, framing, roofing, finish work, and more. Go to a class today!

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