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Custom Home Owner-Builders Expect Custom Choices

The title says it all. If you are thinking about building your own home, you are drawn to the idea because of the choices you are offered. If you didn't want to control all the various facets of building your own custom home, you would just go buy one from a custom home developer. They have choices, right? You can usually choose from at least 5 floor plans to fit your desires. Yeah, right. Is this what passes for custom and choice these days?

Your custom dream home is not going to be the same as the house next door or one block over. It's more than a house. Dare I say, it's more than a home. It's a way of life, redefining your every day for as long as you live there. And if you are going to put your time and effort into planning and preparing a home for you and your family, it should be what you want. It should not be builder tile choices and "upgrades" that empty your pocketbook and sometimes look like an afterthought. An Owner Builder gets the house THEY want. You choose the finishes. The house design that is perfect for your way of life.

Several years ago the concept of custom home builder meant you could choose the finishes in the house as it was being built from one of 5 floor plans. Today, custom home builders in Houston and across the U.S. are finding that they are not in charge anymore. Instead of telling the customer what the options are, the customers, or owner builders, are dictating their choices and the builders are trying to keep up. Building a custom home for someone is learning about their family and their lives, to make the home wrap around the inhabitants and their habits.

Built Green Custom Homes takes a team approach to every new home built, a team that includes expert staff members, the homeowner/owner builder, and key contractors on the project. From choosing a house plan from thousands on file to drawing your own, the moment you turn your key in the front door of your new custom home, you will be completely satisfied. The team at Built Green Custom Homes focuses on integrity, collaboration, relationship, and professionalism to build the custom home our client is looking for.

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